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Our ten day educational programme for art teachers, art students who want to become teachers, and artists who enter the teaching profession.

The Art Teacher Training Course is a spin-off of our Teacher Training Programme, aimed specifically at art teachers, with several modules specific for art teaching. You may wish to visit the Teacher Training Course page for a more in-depth description of the core course.

What does it mean to be an Art teacher? What is the difference between an art teacher and a teacher of other subject matters?

An art teacher needs to be able to sustain students in the development of their own personal work. This work is, by nature, intimate, personal, individual and emotional. For this reason, the art teacher need to be sensitive to what is happening, not only in the classroom, but, more specifically, within each student. This requires dedication, attention, respect and also the knowledge to deal with issues pertaining to pedagogy, the arts, adult education, coaching, amongst others.

The Art Teacher Training Course was meticulously designed to provide the most comprehensive art teacher training available.

It presents an opportunity to review our position as art teachers, to ask fundamental questions about one's role in the field of the arts, and to promote a safe and sound environment for art students.


The Arts - Can we really teach someone to become an artist? If so, how is the best, most respectful, healthier way to do it? What is the importance of teaching the arts?

Metaphor - The use of metaphor to illustrate ideas, concepts that cannot be explained through logic alone. The use of metaphor to describe art as a Language in its own terms. The use of lateral thinking for work advancement and problem solving.

Presentation - Enhancing performance in front of a group. Addressing people from culturally diverse backgrounds, social standars, ideologies.

Aesthetics - How to help students develop a personal and individual style that is unique and congruent with their being.

Dynamics - How groups form, develop and behave. Utilizing the group's and the individual's qualities for better teaching leverage. Becoming aware of what happens with the individual students through non-verbal signals.

Endorsement - Effectively supporting the students' ongoing work. Engaging students in autonomous, critical thinking and action. Freeing students' self-expression. Ethics and personal limits. Introduction to one-on-one tutorials

The arts in education - Its roles. The power of the arts in the public sphere and how to maximise the strength of students' work for social change.

Critique - How to respectfully give feedback on work and general critique. The use of the right language to do so. Observing student's unconscious reactions to feedback and how to use it to better the student's work


The Art Teachet Training Course is freely developed during ten days. It does not follow a specific structure, however, all topics shown above will be investigated and worked upon. Having no fixed structure allows for prioratisation of certain topics in relation to others, depending on the dynamics of the group. Nevertheless, we will always start on Day 1 with "the Arts and what it means to be an art teacher" and we will end on Day 10 where participants will be coached and evaluated on their final presentations.


Giving participants the necessary conceptual and practical tools for the deepening of their art teaching careers.

Promoting teachers' personal and professional well-being.

Engaging participants into adopting educational behaviours which will be unique, congruent, and relevant towards society.

Improving participants' teaching performance and the ability to lead and inspire others.


Art teachers, art students who want to become teachers, and artists who enter the teaching profession.


Min 6 | Max 12


Three consecutive five day weeks. Daily class times from 10.00 to 18.00 with breaks for tea and biscuits, and lunch.


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