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"Do You Speak Jewellery" is a five day workshop that questions the fundamental basis on which we understand contemporary jewellery.

In doing so, it overturns and puts in perspective some basic principles, unveiling the common concepts and attitudes that support our status as contemporary jewellers, consciously taking a fresh view of our medium.

It presents an opportunity to investigate Jewellery's characteristic vocabulary and grammar, to review our position as artists, to obtain new ease in self-expression and to bring more clarity to the artistic approach.

Consisting of a mix of group discussions and individual tutoring, participants will be engaged in conceptual and technical exercises to experience shifts of perspective on their own work.

An engaging and entertaining week for everyone interested in contemporary jewellery making, regardless of their level of expertise.


Contemporary jewellery students/practitioners who want to take a fresh view on the media and on their ongoing work.


min 6 | max 12


Five consecutive days - Monday to Friday. Daily class times from 10.00 to 18.00 with breaks for tea and biscuits, and lunch.


This course is only possible in schools and institutions with Jewellery departments, or in an atelier with jewellery benches/tools/etc.
Please enquire for pricing.

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