This weekend course course investigates into what makes us unique individuals and provides, through the arts, a language to freely express that uniqueness. It is based on three concepts:


We are all the same. We propose that there is a common ground that we all function from and that there is a universal structure to how we think, feel and express ourselves.We will look at this structure and investigate into how we receive and process information and how that determines our beliefs and values. We learn and apply tools that allow us to fully realize our common human inheritance.


We are all different individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds, different life stories. Our values and beliefs are shaped by our surroundings as we grow up, but we can, if we wish, choose which ones to keep and which ones to let go. Our individuality is hence a product of personal choices. Having the tools and the drive to exercise those choices affords us new vitality.

How can we remove labels that have been put on us and that we have put on others? If we deconstruct labels, rather than looking at groups, we start appreciating the uniqueness of each one of us.

The Arts

We will explore how art can serve as a language to express our individuality without restraints. Art provides, in today's society, probably the only space of freedom where we can fully express ourselves. Why not use it?

For whom?

Anybody over 16 years old


min 6 | max 24


This is a in-house course to be hosted by schools, institutions, care homes, associations, etc. Please enquire for pricing.

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