The Teacher Training Course is an eight day intensive programme that reviews the platform from which we teach. Unique in terms of its academic content, in terms of depth of training, and in terms of how it is taught, provides a stimulating mix of group activities, focused practical work, critical dialogue and engaging presentations.

What does it mean to be a teacher? What does it mean to be a student? How is human experience shared? What knowledge is of most worth? And, odd as it may sound, what don't we know we already know?

An art teacher does not only need to know the subject matter but the best way to teach it and to be able to sustain students in the development of their own personal work. This requires a mix of skills, technical, intellectual, emotional, ethical, to be employed simultaneously at every moment in the classroom.

The Postcon Art Teacher training course was meticulously designed and is constantly updated based on Manuel Vilhena's ongoing teaching experience, on findings from fields such as Neurology, Pedagogy, Ethics, Linguistics, Adult Education, Systems Thinking, and on an enduring tradition of implicit knowledge transferal from "Master" to "Apprentice".

It presents an opportunity to review our position as teachers, to ask fundamental questions about what kind of knowledge is worth knowing and to promote refreshed at-ease in the classroom.

This course is structured into seven interlinking main themes:

Teaching - A theoretical investigation on teaching methods, procedures and interpretations. The theory of Logical Levels as a tool for organizing thought. Epistemology.

Language - Language skills for precise communication and to help students identify unconscious behaviours and mechanisms. Teaching as storytelling. The use of metaphor.

Presentation - Enhancing performance in front of a group. Thespian talent development. Addressing people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Structure - Structuring a lesson or a course for maximum impact and learning. Preparing successful presentations. Creativity and the arts applied to teaching.

Dynamics - How groups form, develop and behave. Utilizing the group's and the individual's qualities for better teaching leverage. Becoming more aware of what happens inside the classroom to, successfully, deal with unexpected situations.

Endorsement - Effectively supporting the students' ongoing work. Engaging students in autonomous, critical thinking and action. Freeing students' self-expression. Ethics and personal limits.

Preparation - How to be in the right "teaching state" for optimal performance, keeping focus and alertness at a constant level. Teacher well being and personal privacy.

Art Teaching - What is the importance of the Arts in education? How can the arts and its languages improve on teaching and on learning? Art as Language. Art as Education

Course aims

Giving participants the necessary conceptual and practical tools for the deepening of their teaching careers.

Promoting teachers' personal and professional well-being.

Engaging participants into adopting educational behaviours which will be unique, congruent, and relevant towards society.

Improving participants' teaching performance and the ability to lead and inspire others.

For whom?

Primarily for art teachers and art students who want to pursue a teaching career. For teachers wishing to refresh and improve their teaching abilities, independently of their subject matter. For anyone wishing to enter the teaching profession.


Min 6 | Max 12

Course duration

Eight consecutive days starting on a Saturday at 16.00 and ending the following Saturday at 20.00. Daily class times from 10.00 to 18.00 with breaks for tea and biscuits, and lunch.


800 EUR + vat / Participant

For in-house courses at schools, universities, etc. please enquire: edu|at|postcon|dot|com

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