Some of the people I'd like to thank for helping with this project, directly or indirectly: Castello Hansen, Felix Flury, Theo Smeets, Marie-José Van den Houdt. My students along the years, for giving me the opportunity to review my own prejudices, preconceptions, mistakes and teaching techniques. The teaching team at Lisbon University, Carmen, Natália, Paula, for demanding from me things I didn't know I could do. Jim and Steve, aka CITRUS, present since the beginning, the graphic designers that made Postcon's previous websites plus all the logos and the graphics, and the constant help and support. Some of that work can be seen at their site; Thanks to my Norwegian colleagues, Heidi, Leif, Danuta, Anna, Ingjerd with whom I have spent so many wonderful years. A special debt of gratitude to my teachers, masters, gurus: Peter Skubic, David Watkins, Fil, Dante di Lilla, Mestre Jaber, John Grinder. Lastly, in spirit, Renzo Ildebrando, Onno Boekhoudt, George Carlin, Raúl Seixas, Mestre Paulinho.

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