This is it, folks! Some but not all of the people we'd like to thank for, in their particular ways, helping with the development of this project. Rui Costa, photograpy and much, much more. My students along the years, for having given me the opportunity to review my own prejudices and teaching techniques. The teaching team at Lisbon University for demanding from me things I didn't know I could do, let alone have the will to do. Although Jim and Steve are now part of the core team, they were, at some point and since the beginning, the graphic designers that made postcon's websites V1, 2, 3 plus all the logos, plus all the graphics, plus much more. All that fantastic work can actually be seen at their current site, that's the way to go. Thank you to my Norwegian colleagues, Heidi, Leif, Danuta, Anna, Ingjerd with whom I have spent so many wonderful years. A special thank you to my teachers, masters, gurus, etc., Peter Skubic , David Watkins, Fil, Dante di Lilla, Mestre Paulinho, Mestre Jaber. Also, from some very interesting walks of life, John & Carmen and Michael, Julia. Last but not least, as they say in the islands, the ones, already deceased and sadly but fondly missed, Renzo, Onno, Carlin, Toni, both my dads. And now for some internet ramblings: The choice to build an as minimalistic-as-possible website comes from the love of things simple, but not simpler. It is energy (all types) efficient and brings back a little of the feeling I had when connecting to the net for the first time some 35 years back. The font used in this website is "inconsolata" wonderfully designed and crafted by Ralph Levien Our thanks to the folk at for hosting, and, in the wake of keeping things clean for the body/mind/spirit, we do not gather any site visitor information, we don't serve cookies, and we do not use social media of any sort. A simple e-mail will do.


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