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"Jewellery in Action" is a five day workshop that promotes an active stand in society with one's work.

To acomplish this, we investigate into participants' ideas, values and intentions and reframe them throught he language of contemporary jewellery to bring the artist's work to the public sphere in an actively political, meaningful way.

It presents an opportunity to investigate what we really want to express and why and what for. In the process, it sheds a light into allegiances, values and commitments to the outside world.

Consisting of a mix of group discussions and individual tutoring, participants will be engaged in self reflection exercises and will refine their aesthetics and technique trough experimentation and information exchange with other participants

An engaging week for participants with prior experience in contemporary jewellery.


Experienced contemporary jewellery students, practitioners and artists who want to act-in-the-world through/with their work.


min 6 | max 12


Five consecutive days. Daily class times from 10.00 to 18.00 with breaks for tea and (chocolate) biscuits, and lunch.


This course is only possible in schools and institutions with Jewellery departments, or in an atelier with jewellery benches/tools/etc.
Please enquire for pricing.

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